We have a cool treat for you right now. A six minute journey of lusciously populated chill, depth-charged with smooth subs and kicks, vocals fluttering throughout amidst a glittercade of percussion from ticking clicks, shakers and sharp hi-hats, it's called 'Galaxy' and it's from Slovakian musicmaker Fallgrapp. It's swimming with cosmic sounds, a futuristic direction, played off against a penchant for horizontal hip-hop and lounge vibes.

It also features the talents of two other individuals, Ashley Abrman (of Czech/American/Slovakian outfit The High Corporation) and New Zealand soul artist Isaac Aesili, making this a truly internationalist effort.

'Galaxy' is out now on Slovakian label GERGAZ, a split single with a track from label boss Jimmy Pé called 'Basic'. Grab it from the label's Bandcamp page.