There's a ton of new albums coming out on the 3rd/4th of March. However, The Men realize this, which is why they're giving you a full week to enjoy the album before it hits shelves. Tomorrow's Hits is streaming in full now, which is their follow-up to last year's New Moon.

In an interview with Prefix, guitarist Nick Chiericozzi said "We toured a lot that year and we took a month in November and most of October to write songs, and we used Mark’s bedroom as the rehearsal space,” adding "We brought a lot of acoustic guitars, sort of deadened the drums; we played in his apartment and wrote the record there. Then we went in [to the studio] and kind of banged it out in two days in December. That was it. Yeah, it was pretty quick! And it sounds so good. It’s kind of funny, you know. It took us the least amount of time in the studio, and we ended up with maybe the best sounding thing.”

Listen to Tomorrow's Hits over at The New York Times and grab your pre-order here.