We're really happy to be premiering this remix today. Allow me to introduce the brilliant Netherlands-based Shy for Shore and the remixers, New Arcades. Remixes really work when both artists share a similar headspace and in this instance with 'Love, Again', it truly seems to be the case. The original is life-affirming 80s-style synthpop that whirls around you, a cyclone of feeling with strong shining vocals, all painted in glorious gleaming waves: the inexplicable pull of love.

Describing New Arcades as "electro dream makers," Shy for Shore are delighted to have been reworked by the London duo, with whom they share a heartfelt penchant for 80s flavours. "Their sound has that romantic 80s reflection that kind of pulls you in to somewhere more colourful for a while," they said. "We didn't want someone to turn us into some weird trance shit." They sure deliver. The remix snaps out of the original's dreamy, head-in-the-clouds sound, producing a more concrete, grounded atmosphere, with added percussion, a more pronounced bassline and swathes of glittery synth. The duo "wanted to make it anthemic and huge sounding" – "bigger, stronger" – and that's exactly what they've done, to the point of perfection.

Coming off the back of last year's 1985 EP, the single and remix combination of 'Love, Again' bridges countries and re-ignites the romantically never-ending nostalgia for the past.