It's no secret that I love Taylor Swift and think that 1989 is a pretty flawless pop record, but I also love gut-wrenchingly sad music from the likes of Bright Eyes and Damien Rice. Somehow, Nashville and New Orleans-residing "nightmare folk" duo Bent Denim have managed to bring some sad, dark Conor Oberst-esque influence into a cover of Swift's hit song 'Shake It Off', which is a part of their new EP Derivative Works.

Although it's out tomorrow on the 27th, we're beyond thrilled to bring you the exclusive stream of the entire EP below. It has a pretty crazy range of artists including the aforementioned pop banger-turned-morose, iconic pop-punkers Blink 182, Kitty Pryde, Galaxie 500, Elvis Depressedly, and a stunning Angel Olsen cover. Each song is incredibly intricate and well-executed with an overall haunting, atmospheric tone that ties it all together with a black ribbon. They chop and screw each song into a more concise (sometimes very, in the case of Blink 182) version of its former self, which I think may be my favourite thing about the release - it's not a typical "we made it sound exactly the same as it did before" cover, but an entirely different sound that's entrancing and dreamy. Stream Derivative Works below.

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