Dog Is Dead changed their name to D.I.D. a little while ago, and while I'm not entirely sold on it (sorry dudes), what I am sold on is their ferocious new song 'Hotel'. It's four minutes of fiery, groovy bass lines and pounding drums reminiscent of Royal Blood. Read a bit about the song from the band below:

"'Hotel' is essentially a rhythm and blues track. What started off as a Lightnin' Hopkins, Elmore James-esque ditty fell victim to my obsession with experimenting with sounds and trying to make my guitar sound nothing like a guitar. At times modern music can be so uninspiring so I wanted write the sort of song that would've made me pick up the guitar in the first place when I was twelve years old. What we ended up with was a complete Frankenstein of 70s Rock, soul and blues, something heavy enough to bang your head to but melodically soulful and harmony laden.”

Listen below.

  • Tour Dates:
  • Monday 1st December: Nottingham Bodega - SOLD OUT
  • Wednesday 3rd December: London Courtyard - SOLD OUT

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