Described as "an homage to David Cronenberg's 1996 cult classic film Crash," this new one by Toronto-based rapper/director Shan Vincent de Paul is also called 'Crash' and suitably features erotically charged references throughout. It was produced by fellow SIDEWAYS collective member La+ch, who helps the track to bounce and ooze along sensuously, painting sultry nocturnal pictures of night drives and neon lights in the darkness. This feels perfect for Shan Vincent de Paul, who is all for a strong visual aesthetic, and who "draws no separation between the music and visual presentation in his work."

SIDEWAYS is a collective comprising like-minded artists Coleman Hell, La+ch, Michah and Shan Vincent de Paul. "Handling everything from song writing, production, design and videos, sideways aims to create a world where accessibility meets innovation," they state. "No matter what genre they may be delving in, the collective strives to take an original and unorthodox approach to their music while aiming to reach the largest audience possible."

'Crash' is taken from Shan Vincent de Paul's upcoming Die Iconic EP, due out in October. He's also working on an album, Savoirs, expected later this autumn (fall).