After Pacific Air broke up a few years ago, alt-pop lost one of its most unique voices in Ryan Marshall Lawhon. Thankfully it didn't take too much longer for him to return to the tumultuous music world under the Mating Ritual moniker and release a song with a member of Sir Sly, which was an undeniable gem.

Today he returns with a more fleshed out effort in his self-titled debut EP. He told Bullett Magazine that it "tells the 4 part story of what I consider to be the modern day, or more specifically, the millennial mating ritual" and plenty of its themes should strike a familiar chord in 20-somethings navigating the tough (and flaky, unsure, wishy-washy, "are we or aren't we", just generally not great) 2016 dating scene.

Lawhon is kicking off a month-long rsidency at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California tonight to celebrate his record release. He's joined by StaG (who also just had an album drop), Inspired and the Sleep, and UZi this week. The coming shows will feature Boston-based band Night Lights, Teenage Wrist (the new band from Kam of Chain Gang of 1974), Pompeya, and a DJ set by Local Natives' Nik Ewing. It's 100% free, and both the EP stream and the full lineups are below!

  • Tour Dates:
  • March 7 - Mating Ritual, StaG, Inspired and the Sleep, UZi @ The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 14 - Mating Ritual, Night Lights, The Gromble @ The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 21 - Mating Ritual, The Soft White Sixties, The Fuzzy Crystals, Teenage Wrist, Raeko (DJ Set) @ The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 28 - Mating Ritual, Satchmode, Pompeya, Hudson Thames, Nik Ewing (Local Natives DJ Set) @ The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA

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