Andrew Hung, perhaps better known as one half of duo Fuck Buttons, has shared a new track called 'The Plane'. It's taken from the musicmaker's debut solo EP, Rave Cave (not to be confused with Crystal Fighters' 2013 album Cave Rave).

'The Plane' is an uptempo unrelenting chiptune odyssey comprised of a looping blippy melody arranged over a thumping beat complete with harsh abrasive cymbals and hi-hats, introducing different elements like so many neon-flashing fuzzy building blocks. You can listen to it below and download it for free, too.

Interestingly, this was written on a Nintendo Gameboy and more for practicality than anything else (at least to begin with), as Hung himself describes:

"In a world with an ever-increasing emphasis on packaging and delivery with seemingly infinite resources and techniques to carry these things out, there is a danger of us losing our vision in a fog of presentation. Whilst touring, I needed an outlet for writing music; it drives me nuts to not have access to a means to making things. I've tried making music on laptops; carrying tiny peripherals around the globe, but this still wasn't a portable solution. I've tried tablets but having my fat fingers play keyboard lines on a touchscreen isn't very fun. In the end, it was the decrepit obsolete games console, the Gameboy, that opened up possibility for me again. Limiting but liberating, the emphasis is on fun.

So I take the Gameboy with me wherever I go. I named tracks from where I was: 'The Plane' was written on the flight back, amongst a sea of tv monitors whilst we thrust through the night sky. Colourful times that transferred easily to the writing. Then when I got home, I fleshed out the tracks I'd written. This mode of making music allows me to enjoy the process of writing without the burden of production or aesthetic."