Nashville pop-upstart duo Caroline Shumate and Greg Graves - better known as The Queen And King - have generated a healthy amount of brash pop buzz through their indelible cover of Justin Beiber's mega-hit 'Sorry'. But with the new single 'Fractions', the two have managed to swiftly prove their abilities in crafting original work, which includes the debut EP Pep Talk coming later this year.

Despite bridging careers in the formative country music mecca, the self-identified LGBTQIA-champions show an effortless maturation of pop sensibility, with each handling production on every track with Kyle Dreaden. The carefully prodigious methods are evident on 'Fractions', melting a booming chorus and modified vocals into a massively infectious spectacle akin to Phantogram and Halsey.

Listen to 'Fractions' below and look out for the Pep Talk EP, arriving September 2.