The Brooklynites with a penchant for lo-fi, folksy ventures, Woods, have decided to re-record a track for release on 7" through Woodist on July 9th. The track in question, 'Be All Be Easy' originally came from their sixth album Sun & Shade released in 2011.

Singer Jeremy Earl's voice, a mixture between Sufjan Stevens and Ray Davies, drifts floatily along the track (with a small The Shins-esque distorted verse) while the rest of the track, reminiscent of, unfortunately, the more average Cloud Control cuts, instils a little bit of sunshine on our lives. Perfect for chilling outside in the park while the sun beams down.

On the flip of the 7" is a cover of The Kinks' 'God’s Children'. Unusually, Earl's hints of Davies in his voice seem to disappear when actually tackling The Kinks. The track itself features a nice injection of that sunshine present in 'Be All Be Easy' but only serves to prove that The Kinks shouldn't really be covered, unless you're willing to do something radically exciting to change it. Here, it's pretty much a carbon copy albeit a little more uptempo.

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