Here is a slice of warm, soulful stuff from quite mysterious musicmaker, Leo Kalyan. Co-written and co-produced with Shift K3Y, it's called 'Stranger' and arrives on the shore of our consciousnesses ahead of a mixtape going by the same name (no date yet). It reflects Kalyan's influences and musical direction and it is very sensual.

Hurtling through visions by the sea, the bounce and cordial greeting of the waves (always waving) crashing nearby. Everything seems desolate, unfinished lines and a spotlight, a cerebral tilt-shift on the here and now; right now there is no past, just as there is no future. Minds melted with lust, no faculty for anything except sex. Basslines ripple bodywide like the tingling warmth of caresses, souls approach each other to the lopsided march of ebullient chords and we are eager for the obliteration of our current selves, operating on a no-name basis, mutual respect and mood-lighting and the phantasms of pleasure grooving around the room, libidos in a proto-physical form gurgling with satisfaction. The next morning, clouds gush by in provocative poses and the mind is empty, swaying in the rhythm of a distant beat.

Listen for yourself.