Following a period of silence, Bay Area producer and Darker Than Wax family member Go Yama is back in circulation and will be dropping a new album titled The Exploration at the end of October.

After letting us know he still had it with his first single ‘The Departure,’ he ramped things up at the start of September with ‘The Sequences.’ Kicking off with lush, bubbly digi-melodics and angelic pitch-manipulated vocal samples, ‘The Sequences,’ unfolds into a woozy electronic beatscape that recalls the now retrofuturism of anime/manga culture. Underscoring this “future as seen from the past” aesthetic with a heroic guitar solo that wouldn’t have been out of place in the glory days of hair metal, or even on a Yuji Toriyama deep cut, Go Yama closes out the song with yet more bubbly melodics. Someone give this guy a soundtrack deal ASAP!

With guest appearances from Mike Gao, Flamingosis, Elaquent, and Ruff Draft locked in, The Exploration looks set to be a vibrant, stylistically non-conformist journey into a creative world born of curiosity, imagination, and the artistic cultivation only patience can afford you.

You can pre-order The Exploration here.