Here's a treat of a sound for you. It's by Sarah Williams White, an artist from South London, and it's called 'Winter Sun'. Her vocal melody weaves in and out of a rollicking organic beat – decorated with cowbells and shakers, cymbals and hi-hat ornamentation – ebbing and flowing to snare rolls and sweeps of sound, pulsing bass, gradually soaring into a celebration of the sun's trajectory into the uppermost portion of the sky, a shining and soulful sonic odyssey.

Here's what she has to say about the ideas behind the track:

"I wrote this track to gratify all these images from films I had in my mind like 'Empire of The Sun', 'Fist of The North Star'... imagery of a post apocalyptic/war-torn world, but nature with it's strength and beauty just standing it's ground! The Sun, or that something at the end of the tunnel that gives hope through darker times..

All my new music seems to have this underlying theme of time and repair, and the awesomeness of earth. Its a bit of a theme throughout my upcoming record 'Of The New World'.

'Winter Sun' started out as a li'l instrumental idea with my hohner pianet over a beat of Timmy's (Timmy Rickard is the drummer and engineer I work with) - I'd been listening to a lot of Roy Ayers! Then it kinda filled itself out over time into a more spacey harmonic piece with the poem and vocals, new b-boy drum grooves from Timmy and my juno 106 playing the glaring Sun."

It marks the announcement of her upcoming album Of The New World, scheduled to arrive later this autumn via recently signed-to First Word Records. For now, however, you can download 'Winter Sun' on a name-your-price basis from Bandcamp.

There's also a primordially colourful video for the track; watch it below.