Soaked in a wash of crackly nostalgia-fuelled sampling, the latest from Hudson Mohawke's upcoming album Lantern is a crunchy war submarine of sharp abrasive beats and vague vaporwave stylings, in the altered sampling and decayed 'n' damaged, no-time-no-place aesthetics.

Arriving after the first track taken from the album, 'Very First Breath', this one is called 'Ryderz' and appropriately makes heavy use of D.J. Rogers' 1973 song 'Watch Out For The Riders', hatching this egg of soul in the clutter and electronic aggression of our modern world, like uncovering a time capsule in the midst of some natural disaster, a clashing of worlds that catapults the basic aims of vaporwave or its offshoot, future funk, into the wider world.

Listen to 'Watch Out For the Riders' below, if you like to know where samples come from. Ignore if you are happy with their here-and-now appropriations.

Lantern is out 16th June.