Sometimes you hear a song from a group you've never heard of before and it takes your breath away - that's what the new tune from Beginners, a project from Dan Pollard and Phil McMinn did to me. Its layers line up with each other beautifully and the choir is stunning, but instead of explaining the song myself, I'll let Dan and Phil do that for you:

We started this project on July 31st 2013, in East Oxford. Dan sent me (Phil) some music in the post, like back in the old days. Making music was the last thing on my mind at the time, but I loved what I heard, so I started singing and writing. We sent stuff back and forth to each other, and we spent four evenings over four weeks recording at the Jacqueline Du Pre Building in Oxford, near where we both lived. The brief was to do things quickly, and leave our mistakes in place. “Show your workings,” Dan said.

Once the basic recordings were done, we asked the West Oxfordshire Academy Of Performing Arts to get involved. We hired the New Road Baptist Church in the centre of the city, and spent a day recording vocals together with their beautiful 25-piece choir. Outside, the city went about its’ business and we were happy with that; buses, people, kids - they all made it onto the recordings. Things were the right way up that day, so we left all the noise in.

Thanks a lot for listening to these recordings. Maybe there’ll be more, maybe not.

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