Horsebeach is the moniker of Manchester-based musician and producer Ryan Kennedy, who has always had a DIY-like ethos to the way he brings his art into fruition. As Horsebeach he has found a way to intimately and personally express himself lyrically and musically on past releases. The upcoming album, Beauty and Sadness, takes that to an even finer level, with Kennedy having further honed his abilities as both a songwriter and producer.

Beauty and Sadness adopts its title from the 1964 Yasunari Kawabata novel of the same title. Kennedy was inspired to use this as a jumping-off point for his latest outing, as he found the book a source of strength as he went through a tough break up. He says of the album, “It's about regret and an overlaying sense of loss but also a realisation of the beauty of starting again. I found some beauty in sadness, as it forced me to re-evaluate everything.”

Horsebeach now perform as a quartet, a classic rock-band lineup, which allows the songs to be fully fleshed and and their raw energy to become electrifying. You can get a taste of that sound through album highlight 'The Highest Place', which we have the pleasure of premiering today. On the album it comes squeezed between 'Alone' and 'How Far Must We Go', telling you something about the bi-polar nature of the album. 'The Highest Place' finds Kennedy in a place of confusion and contemplation, feeling a myriad of emotions, which he expertly transfers into this jangly gem.

Listen to 'The Highest Place' below, and look out for the album coming out March 31st through Kennedy's own Alone Together imprint. Horsebeach will also be taking the new repertoire on tour throughout the UK in March and April; check out their dates beneath.

Horsebeach tour dates:

  • 17th March – LP Launch - Sacred Trinity Salford
  • 18th March - LP Launch part 2 (DJ Set) The Pilcrow
  • 20th March -LP Launch part 3 (DJ Set) Spiritland (Kings Cross)
  • 24th March - King Tuts, Glasgow
  • 25th March - Electric Circus, Edinburgh
  • 29th March – One Deck (DJ Set) Elektriks (Chorlton)
  • 6th April - Liverpool - The Magnet
  • 7th April - London Fields Brewhouse
  • 8th April - Golden Lion Todmorden
  • 13th April - Hare & Hounds -Birmingham
  • 15th April - Cookes Studio – Barrow
  • 16th April – Tanners – Newcastle
  • 17th April – Greystones - Sheffield
  • 18th April - Wharf Chambers – Leeds
  • 30th April – Islington Mill - Sounds From The Other City – Salford
  • 8th July - Bluedot – Jodrell Bank
  • 29th July –Cloudspotting - Gisburn Forest