Cute-and-heavy sounds right now from Marian Hill, an electronic duo based all the way out of Philadelphia. Comprising of Jeremy Lloyd (production) and Samantha Gongol (vocals), they've just independently released their Play EP, a collection of five tracks that summon the smooth sensuality of R&B as much as the catchy quirks of electropop. In particular, we'd like to draw your attention to title track, 'Play', a showcase of the duo's talents.

An exercise in simplicity, the track for the most part engages you with booming kicks, the lower end of a beat that develops throughout the track. Other noises remain at a minimum, with cutesy altered vocal samples shuddering lightly – bustling together in the song's final section - allowing Samantha's vocals to have as much room to breathe as they deserve. Her voice flutters virtuosic, skipping over notes with a loving touch and a clarity, owing as much to her talents as it does to Jeremy's tight and meticulous production.

Every bit of the EP sounds this good; which is especially good considering the variety of sounds it covers. All the way from opener 'One Time' – snappy R&B with a twilit brass section – to final track 'Breathe Into Me', which glows with a futuristic trip hop elegance, it's a beautiful discovery. Seemingly their only musical output, too, it's infinitely impressive. And I can see a bright future, can't you?

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