The sun is out today. We can kind of fool ourselves into thinking that we've been graced a premature summer; you have to ignore the fact that it's still too chilly to have windows and doors open onto the outside world all day, and also ignore everybody wearing warm coats, but still: the sky is a pastel blue haze and everything's bright and in bloom. I guess this is that other season, what's it called, oh— spring. That's the one.

And sounding particularly good with this weather in mind is 'On & Off' by Oscar Luweez (fka D1, one of the early originators of dubstep). With its jaunty, jazz-chord-wielding soft synth, Daft-Punk-summoning bassline (in particular 'Around The World'), garage-accented uptempo house beat, sunny-classic strings and unknown female vocalist providing a rich reverb of soul, the track is perfect for the fresh and breezy rhythms of spring.

Listen below.