"By the end, Lost In The Dream is similarly as sprawling and textured as its predecessor, harnessing the affirming, heartfelt sentiments without becoming corny or meek (mostly). However it doesn't push boundaries the way Arcade Fire or The Horrors for example have. Put another way it's difficult to envisage an entirely new set of followers, but so what? Their one-track minded gung-ho ethos created their expansive loyal fan base in the first place, there's no room for plinking around on a fucking hurdy gurdy."

That's what we thought of The War On Drugs's new album, but what do you think? Listen to the album below courtesy of NPR and let us know what you think! The album is released on March 17th via Secretly Canadian.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Under the Pressure
  • 02. Red Eyes
  • 03. Suffering
  • 04. An Ocean in Between the Waves
  • 05. Disappearing
  • 06. Eyes to the Wind
  • 07. The Haunting Idle
  • 08. Burning
  • 09. Lost in the Dream
  • 10. In Reverse

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