What begins as, what sounds like, someone just messing about with a drum machine, quickly transforms into possibly one of the more "real" The Weeknd tracks, breaking down any ego or visage Abel Tesfaye may have put up in the past. So far we have heard the title track and 'Belong to The World' from his new album Kiss Land which is due out September 10th.

It's already been causing controversy as 'Belong To The World' used an uncleared sample of Portishead's 'Machine Gun' which, while making the track more ferocious, also upset Portishead guitarist Geoff Barrow. The third cut from Kiss Land, 'Love In The Sky’ is luckily controversy free.

As melodies begin to pile onto one another, an intricate house of cards built with hooks and rhythms, Tesfaye's vocals wail something we haven’t really heard in The Weeknd tracks: actual feeling. His previous mixtapes have been so full of bravado and ego that, for someone notoriously press shy, it felt as though it was all a façade to the point where The Weeknd could even be a character, and quite a sinister one at that. 'Love In The Sky' features a heck of a lot of self-doubt, even to the point where he questions his own sexual ability. It's dark and it's intimate; a trip into Tesfaye’s psyche. But it is hard to tell if this is a continuation from the "character" seen in the likes of Echoes of Silence, if it even is a character at all, and 'Love In The Sky' is the character's third act redemption, the realisation of all the things he's done wrong.

Tesfaye is a difficult man to understand but if he's producing music on the darker side of hip-hop, then it's always interesting to try decipher this cryptic man.

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