Back in April, Southend-on-Sea outfit These New Puritans headed up a massive spectacle of a live performance at London's The Barbican (which Richard Gray captured beautifully for The 405). The band was accompanied by a 35-piece orchestra, performing tracks from its three previously released studio albums, as well as unreleased material.

One of which - 'Spitting Stars' - has hit the light of day roughly a week before the 2xLP live album release of the April performance, Expanded. The wonderfully ambitious composition marked the band's finale of the celebrated performance, showcasing the depth the band and accompanying orchestra were capable of reaching together. For those more familiar, 'Spitting Stars' (as well as much of the performance in general) was an aesthetic continuation of the band's 2013 LP Field Of Reeds - taking the themes to an even higher level.

Listen to the lush, engrossing live cut below. Expanded will be released October 20th exclusively on vinyl, which can be ordered here.

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