Sparkling indeed. This track is brought to you by Tessera Skies, a newcomer band from Newcastle. Well, actually it's more brought to you by Dutch Uncles, who've remixed the original 'Droplet' into its current form.

Running on propulsion from the inescapable carved out groove of the track, it glitters and offers as much respite from the real world as much as it does provide a soundtrack to it, a decidedly balanced mix of floating above looking down, and standing on the ground looking up. If that makes any sense. Please say it does.

This is kind of surprising because the original is totally not that, is totally a gradual crescendo of instruments crashing together. Dutch Uncles have turned this kind of one-way pop song into a cyclical moment in time, a repeating disco-flavoured number, gloriously looping around your brain, the vocals from the original now much more legible, more in place so to speak. That groove has certainly anchored this one to the ground, whereas 'Droplet' in its more artful unremixed form is chained to nothing but dynamic freedom.

Aren't remixes fun? Yes they are!

The original 'Droplet' arrives on a 12" split alongside 'Nothing Touches Me' from fellow Newcastle-based Ajimal, courtesy of and available from also-based-up-there label/collective, Mono Production.