We were gonna cover this a little earlier but it got taken down thanks to a DMCA complaint. Lame. Luckily for you and us and for the progression of culture as a whole, where things do not get censored for financial reasons, it's appeared again. Here is 'How About Now' by Drake.

The track samples serious slow-jam 'My Heart Belongs To You' by purveyors of R&B, Jodeci (not the first time Drake has used a sample from the group), upheld with heavy kick punctuation as Drake works his rap/singing magic over the top, with the catchy chorus including rapid-fire lyrics like "You thought you had it all figured out back then girl, how about now?" and "You thought the little effort that you put in was enough girl, how about now?" in what is the flipside to the romance of the sample material.

Whether this is a leaked cut from Nothing Was The Same, or if it's been lifted off his upcoming Views From The 6, it's still the brilliance of Drake through and through.