It's not often you get a song that's tagged "surf/urban" on SoundCloud, but this is the main tag for Astronomyy's new one, 'When I'm With U' – various guitar melodies sparkle soaked in reverb as dancehall-flavoured rhythms underpin the track, which also oozes R&B sentiment, clusters of synth making their way through the boom of the bass every now and then as lovelorn vocals crisply flutter about. It is decidedly a cocktail of sounds and styles, genreless, but firmly finding its place within the wary brackets of "modern pop".

It's the title track from his new EP, which is out today (tracklist below). Feel free to purchase it from iTunes if you like.

Check out the video for another track taken from the EP, 'All I Need', which features Denai Moore.

  • When I'm With U tracklist: 1. Not Into U
  • 2. When I’m With U
  • 3. All I Need (ft. Denai Moore)
  • 4. Swim Deeper