Here's New York producer, singer-songwriter and musician Dominique with a new track called 'Don't', which lyrically addresses unreal and unfair expectations of women. Set to bubbling sun-warped electronics in the verse and a wordless cascading fuzz of a chorus courtesy of co-producer ZeniF, it progresses with the playful bounce of electropop but with a slightly harsher, more abrasive side to it.

Dominque herself also shared with us the thoughts behind the song:

"Don't was written to express my thoughts on the somewhat common expectation for women to be the paradoxical combination of being a "bad bitch" and a "nun" (chaste). In other words, very sexual but with a scarce sexual history. Rather than expressing these thoughts in a more serious way, I tried to keep a playful, teasing kind of attitude, while ZeniF pulled through with a killer drop to really set the tone of the song."

Listen below.