Are all other musicians slackers or is Flying Lotus a workaholic? When he’s not scoring movies and hosting a radio station on the century's most talked about video game, FlyLo runs his Brainfeeder label, on which Thundercat's new album Apocalypse is out soon. Flying Lotus also helps his protégé out on production duties on the imminent releases and we can hear a new track, 'Oh Sheit It's X'.

Be prepared to be taken on a journey to far and unashamedly fun places with Thundercat's idiosyncratic brand of space-age funk, which leaves the likes of Prince and George Clinton looking like 14-year-olds picking up a bass for the first time and jamming some online tabs of 'Can't Stop' by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Apocalypse is out on Brainfeeder on 8 July.