"There's no question that Timber Timbre have carved out their own niche, and Hot Dreams is no less eccentric than its predecessors. They're capable of generating an intriguing unease when they keep things subtle, but for an album that so often sounds stripped-back, there's a surprisingly frequent tendency towards the kitchen sink here, at least in atmospheric terms. Hot Dreams isn't perfect, then, but it is different - and genuine experimentation always demands attention."

That's what we thought of Timber Timbre's new album, but what do you think? Listen to it below courtesy of NPR and let us know in the comment section below. The album is released on March 31st.

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  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Beat The Drum Slowly
  • 02 Hot Dreams
  • 03. Curtains!?
  • 04. Bring Me Simple Men
  • 05. Resurrection Drive Part II
  • 06. Grand Canyon
  • 07. This Low Commotion
  • 08. The New Tomorrow
  • 09. Run From Me
  • 10. The Three Sisters

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