Ever wondered what a Ben Gibbard and Björk duet produced by Balam Acab might sound like? No, neither have we, but it's a sweet idea, right? Young Wonder's new track 'Time' is both immediately familiar, with its aforementioned influences, while blissfully boasting an allure of its own.

Young Wonder, Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman, teamed up with Sacred Animals' Darragh Nolan here to offer up an infectious slice of dupstep and glitch-infused pop. The percussion ticks like the hand of a clock, while pianos, stretched snippets and permutating samples build up until it drops into glorious synth-pop splendor.

Fans of Poliça, Purity Ring and Little Dragon, will lap up 'Time', which is the second single from their Show Your Teeth EP, released 6 May on Feel Good Lost.