Vic Mensa first came to a lot of people's attention because of his feature on fellow Chi-Town rapper Chance the Rapper's mixtape Acid Rap. On 'Time is Money' he continues in a similar vein to his colleague's work; retro, nostalgic production (notably produced by Boi-1da and The Maven Boys) and introspective lyrics.

What's commanding about this track is its 'realness'. Speaking to XXL he talked about how he felt a responsibility to keep himself, his family and friends safe given the escalating urban violence that plagues southside Chicago but is met with a muted response from all sectors of society. On this track, Mensa's seamless lyrics command respect; "trying to be optimistic when the politicians cut schools by guns/ but when the shots is licking / ain't the one's that'll lose their son /instead they send them to public schools and pull back on the public fund" - though this line is lengthy and heavily packed, it's delivered seamlessly and powerfully.

Rockie Fresh verse is a great addition, lining Mensa's introspection with a reality check that all moneyed men need to be given. The riches and women are great, but switch on the weekend news and "fuck all these clothes and shoes," he spits, "motivation is what they could use, and I got it."

The production provides a comfortable and complimentary foundation for this incredibly personal track. As the percussion chimes in, and vocalist Belinda's melody spookily trails the beat, the hook says it all and in abundance: "make money, but the money you make don't make you."

Vic Mensa's upcoming project INNANETAPE is out soon.

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