Earlier this year we profiled Melbourne-based New Zealand techno-abstractionalist Tlaotlon around the release his Natural Devices album on his World Memory Records label. He's just released a new EP titled WIPER FBX in limited edition cassette tape and unlimited edition digital formats via new Canadian label Dream Disc.

On Natural Devices, Tlaotlon repurposed app alerts, alarms, and notification sounds as pop hooks and melodies. He then proceeded to interlace them with both traditional songwriting and composition within a techno frame, and beat structures modeled on both nature and virtual environments. This time however, with a strong aesthetic still in place, his exploratory concerns shift away from rhythm. As Dream Disc put it, "…the focus on WIPER FBX is on individual elements of varying scales and velocities. Rhythm, harmony and melody assume an almost totemic significance amongst the washes of turbulent detail and charged negative space." 

You can purchase Wiper FBX from Dream Disc's bandcamp.