For many, the idea of being a working professional artist - whether that's in music, physical art, or any tangentially related field - is a shadowed dream, hindered by the thought that the only way to make it is to train early and as often as possible. And while many do make their career inroads through that path, there are the rare few that don't figure out their ambition until a bit later in the game.

"To me, being a musician in a band seemed like being a ballerina," writes post-rock upstart musician Cerise. "Like you had to be trained for it from the age of six to become this amazing artist."

The notion, while incredibly common and a distressing element to many who try to enter the industry later in life, didn't dissuade Cerise, who was plucked by producer and artist Jospeh Arthur (former protege of Peter Gabriel) during her time as a model and photographer.

"He's happy to try anything and write a song with anyone if the inspiration is there," she says. "So I would hang out with him a lot and just help with some vocals or whatever else he needed at the time. That got me interested in how music is created. Before that, it was a process that was hidden from me."

After years of careful refinement, Arthur and mixer Matt Boynton (Bat For Lashes, MGMT) helped provide the groundwork for Cerise's forthcoming debut album Smoke-Screen Dreams, which features the recently released single 'To Go Away'. The single captures the first music that ever truly stuck with Cerise, back in her early youth getting a first taste of bands like The Cure and Siouxsie And The Banshees. The post-rock tableau definitely borrows a moody tenor from her early inspirations, but there's enough expansiveness for the Los Angeles musician to noticeably push her own methods.

Listen to 'To Go Away' below and look out for Smoke-Screen Dreams, arriving June 24th. Oh, and if you're in Austin, TX this July, make sure you head over to Hotel Vegas on the 2nd for her record release show.