The Wolverhampton-born singer/songwriter Tom Aspaul impressed us way back in October of last year with his debut single 'Indiana', which he worked with MNEK on (and got a remix from FTSE). For his newest song 'Good Together' he's gotten a little help from fellow caps lock loving producer GRADES and it's one hell of a return track. Reminiscent of Saint Pepsi or a groovier Ben Khan, it's some seriously smooth pop music that, with a massive remix, could burn up night club floors all around the world.

He says the song was inspired by Janet Jackson's 'Doesn't Really Matter' video and visions of neon, futuristic cities. He wrote the song with GRADES after a crazy night out that ended in Aspaul hitting his head on a table and blacking out, which gave him the basis for his lyrics - having a sort of "aha!" moment where you realize you've met your soulmate. Early next year he'll be self-releasing his new mixtape, the Revelation Mixtape.

Listen below.

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