Rap, rap and more rap – and in honour of rap, here is some rap. This is called 'Mr. Lawn Moawer' and it's by a guy called top$. Particularly, it's an unrelenting stream of words rasping lo-fi and crackling with stylised echo, delivered with lilting hyper-confidence. A little difficult to hear but some things do shine out, like "Motherfucker I'm ill, not sick" and "I do what I do and you do what you can do about it" — but that's just the nature of its quality.

Other than that, it's set to a free-floating Spanish-sounding acoustic guitar sample noodling away with rustic wooden intensity, providing a fitting off-kilter feel over the understated offbeat that thumps and cracks along. It's this production, fresh and unassuming, that really gets into your head as the rap zooms along, summoning some dusty Mediterranean backstreets from somewhere on Long Island.

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