This track right here is one of two tracks on the SoundCloud of British musicmaker, PHOTOGRAPH. Where from in Britain, we don't know, but we do know (or can at least surmise) that his name is Martin Mackay, and that he makes lovely music. Put in less words: two tracks ain't enough. We want more. In particular, 'Touch' – the most recent – is a highly polished track that is infused with influences from, it seems, many places: from deep house elements and 80s synthpop stylings, to dead-of-night UK garage summonings and future-R&B, it's a track bristling with delicious sounds.

Presumably, its name comes from the low-register vocal sample of the word "touch…" placed in numerous structurally sound positions throughout. The main star of the show here though is the syncopated synth chords, stabbing with cool cosmic intensity, underpinned often by rumbling bass and a beat that follows the same rhythm, ornamented with clicks and clops of errant percussion. Warm mid-range synth pops its nocturnal offering throughout, whilst after the halfway point, glistening drops of 80s-style synth drive home a simple solo. The percussion and beat intensifies towards the end, as do the now-chirping vocal sample, reaching with deft frenzy a satisfying crescendo. And with that… here's hoping for more from PHOTOGRAPH.

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