You feeling mellow? The type of mellow that's soundtracked with smoky-noir saxophone and scattered piano twinklings and heavy chill-doomsome bass. Yeah, and then you got the languid jazz of slow shiny hi-hat tappings with the hip-hop pattern pirate-shipping between popping kicks and whiplash snare.

All this organic smoothness comes straight from the production of Atlanta beatmaker, Free P, on 'Trill Shit Only' – otherwise a foundation for the fresh bars of Tyrique Shahmir, a rapper from Tennessee. Endowed with laid-back flow, and referencing things like 'Gangsta's Paradise' and subtweeting ("You know the type to subtweet, but never spoke in public"), this guy infuses even more likability into an already likeable sound. Trill shit indeed. But seriously: go chill in your garden and listen to this.