There are blissful indie utopias at work right here. Mm-hmm. So yeah this is uh TTFN which stands for The Tigers From Niger, but really they ain't from there they're actually from Honolulu, Hawaii, and this particular sun-soaked jam is called 'Where I Go' - taken from the first of their weekly EP series, VOGUE LATER, it's a promising start by the Pacific trio. I sometimes wonder if location has more to do with music than people think; surely growing up in what is, at least in terms of geography and weather, a paradise (one of the lyrics is "Every day is summer") gives your music more than just a hint of happiness.

So, with optimistic carefree rap, wordless "oh-oh oh-oh..." sing-alongs, catchy pop vocals that melt in the chorus with lines that endear with sweetness - "I wish I could fly, wish I could soar, cruising in the sky doesn't matter where I go" - all set to drums reminiscent of Mylo's eternal summer track 'Sunworshipper', twinkling reverbed piano and laid-back bass. At the end it all reverses like some surrealist's waterfall, a sign that life is a heavenly cycle on a string. (If only!) But yeah this is made for summer.

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