Turan has had quite the a reinvention since we first covered his music two years ago. Whilst it still rests on an ethereal, dreamy aesthetic, the London-based artist has replaced his rapping with impressive, idiosyncratic vocals.

'Fear' is a confident and bold stride into a new chapter for Turan. The track is brooding and emotive, making full effect of a reverberant and evocative soundscape and forceful hip-hop-inspired drums. The single is accompanied by his 'Fear Manifesto' (read below) and will feature on his forthcoming EP Eden, which - if the first release is anything to go by - is an exciting prospect.

Turan's Fear Manifesto:

fear is a lie. fear is simply because you are not living with life. you're living in your mind. your fear is always about what’s going to happen next. that means your fear is always about that which does not exist fear is a lie. if you are suffering the non-existential, your fear is 100% imaginary. we call that insanity. fear is a lie. you're lost in your imagination - that's the basis of your fear. if you were rooted in reality, there would be no fear. fear is a liar.