TV on the Radio may have an incredibly contradictory name, and Pick 'N' Mix the best bits from an eclectic range of genres - but every single nuance on 'Mercy' works in perfect harmony. Unlike some of the more experimental stuff released by the New York rockers in the past, the track is a banger - and mashes (couldn't resist) lightning-quick Bloc Party style drums, warm synth pads and angular guitars.

Tunde Adebimpe's vocals are more powerful than those seen on last Nine Types of Light, and Dave Sitek's production is as crisp and fresh as ever - with the track's relentless speed mirroring that of one of his most recently worked-on bands - The Orwells. The fact that, twelve years after forming, TV on the Radio have produced a track more energetic than Jim Carrey on a Red Bull drip - means that we’re certainly tuned in.

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