When you're an indie band trying to get your start and make your way in the wild world that is music, living in Los Angeles seems to be a pretty good choice - hell, it's why I moved here about a year ago, although on the other side of the music world! However, Two Cheers did things a little bit differently. They wrote and recorded both their debut and forthcoming sophomore album in the City of Angels, but decided to switch up the vibe two weeks ago by relocating to Detroit. Vocalist Bryan Akcasu explained the move in a press release, saying he prefers the city's chillier climate and slower pace to the frantic heat of LA.

There is a renaissance just starting to take place in Detroit and I want to be a part of that kind of thing. There is so much more room for a diverse, eclectic music scene here than anywhere in the country, not to mention the great bands that are here already. Before you know it, people are going to realize Detroit has made a comeback and has a music scene that rivals Austin and Portland."

You can get a taste of what to expect from the now Detroit-based band's new album Splendor right now, though, by checking out the title track! It brings together the catchiness of bands like Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975 with guitarwork similar to Atlas Genius and Little Comets, all rolled up in one delicious indie rock tune with serious ambition to blow up on alt radio stations. Hop on the bandwagon early and stream 'Splendor' below!

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