For her new album Sparks, Imogen Heap went on more than a few journeys to find inspiration. 'Climb To Sakteng', for instance, was inspired by a hike she had taken up the Himalayas. The video tells of a city called Sakteng which only received electricity in 2012, and each family had to carry a telephone pole up to their home own their own.

Speaking of the experience, she said "Utterly inspired during and after my trek through the Himalayas, and this magical country as it takes considered steps into the future with its rich culture and heritage firmly in tow, I wrote this piece to accompany a beautiful scene where we see villagers carrying huge wooden poles, one per family, back up the mountain to their home Sakteng, laying the land for electricity".

She uses a multitude of soundscapes for the song including field recordings of footsteps, broken ice, streams, and other wildlife. "It features vocals by the stunning bird like dexterity of Sonam Dorji's voice who's day job is to record and protect all the folk song from this country before all memory of them disappear." She explained further, adding "The sounds of the villages and mountains, rivers and crunching of crisp snow. Plus the occasional kitchen whisk and other unrelated things I found at home!"

'Climb To Sakteng' was also used in the film The Happiest Place, directed by Ben Henretig.

Listen below.

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