The members of The Deadmen have earned their fair share of praise in their Washington, DC based solo projects, but now they're bringing all of their talents together for this new project. Their last EP received critical acclaim across the board and with the release of their new 7", it looks like they're on a good path. It's got two new songs, 'Crystal' and 'Sunday Afternoon', both of which can be streamed below. The band's own Justin Hoben said the tracks are about "Desperation, co-dependence, adultery, existential crises...a little something for everyone" - not everything in life can be as peachy keen as we'd all hope! The songs aren't your standard folk affair, as the vocals are dripping with a raw emotion more commonly found in punk and some of its various offshoots, and 'Crystal' in particular is all kinds of infectious. All of their combined songwriting skills make these two new songs a treat to listen to, and you can stream them below.

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