Unless you've been lost at sea for a while and one of the first things you did once you landed ashore was not binge watch all the TV that you missed (shame on you, if true), then more than likely you've become aware of this summer's cultural zenith Stranger Things. The Netflix sci-fi ultra-smash has quickly turned into one of the streaming service's biggest original programs, thanks in part to hefty nostalgia lifted by its Lakeshore Records>-produced score. With a physical release of the soundtrack on the way, two individual tracks have emerged from it with 'She'll Kill You' and 'A Kiss'.

The efforts were constructed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, members of Austin band S U R V I V E. They're incredibly vibrant, synth-heavy pieces that link the strange and wonderful world of the series together much like the work of John Carpenter.

Listen to 'She'll Kill You' and 'A Kiss' below. The first half of the Stranger Things soundtrack arrives today via Lakeshore Records.