There's a certain freshness when it comes to 80s goth revivalism. Maybe its because despite its rampant influence, actually tapping into the centralized sounds is so much tougher than it seems. There's a delicate approach to fuzzed out guitars and dark synth pop that too often sounds like a straight ripoff. Or worse, pandering.

New York outfit Tyburn Saints seem to know this well. On the forthcoming LP With the Night in Our Eyes, the group tabbed celebrated Grammy-award winning producer/engineer Guy Massey, whose previous efforts ranged from Spiritualized to remastering some of The Beatles and Paul McCartney's illustrious solo work. Perhaps it was Massey who let the band range so fruitfully in the goth pop foundations, because the album's eponymous single sounds like a direct tap into the beloved '80s movement.

The guitars gleam with ragged fuzz polish, while the roaring synth and drum march pace to a furiously momentous chorus that's nothing short of exciting. Singer Johnny Gimenez is the star here, despite the heavy weight of support. His triumphant climb lifts the unsuspecting single to fantastic heights, making for a fair bit of hype on the LP.

With the Night in Our Eyes will be released on July 15th via São Paulo label Balaclava Records. Stream the glorious title track below.

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