With Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V just around the corner, we're starting to hear a lot more about what we can expect from what is looking to be something of a swan song for the current generation of consoles and a nice introduction to what to expect from the new generation. One of the highlights has always been the music selection; eclectic is an understatement for the range you'd expect to hear on the radio stations. One artist set to make an appearance is Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator who has created a track, 'Garbage' set to appear in the game.

Rapping about a drug dealer turned killer, thematically it has numerous similarities with the game itself but, in true Tyler fashion, particularly on Bastard, it seems to be pure fantasy without any moral retribution to the actions, something which prays heavily on the characters in the Grand Theft Auto series most of the time. It's eerie, in the way most of Bastard was so, for fans of that album, 'Garbage' could be a good sign of what to expect in the future.