Four months after the debut of Wallace's rich soul conquest 'Vinyl Skip', Brisbane producer Tyler Touché took on the effort, sewing in his house-heavy elements for his brand new "Late Night" remix of the single.

"I use remixes as a chance to create musical textures that I often don't explore through my original material," says the young producer on the effort. "It was interesting to take Wallace's strong, soulful vocal and re-purpose it in a different context, as more of a smooth, late night, sultry house track. That's the kind of music I was listening to lots of at the time, and I love to take risks and experiment with new sounds. To me, it's much more fulfilling. As the day-old saying goes, 'Better to 'vinyl skip' the temptation to write obvious music, than to be stabbed by the 'record needle' of musical mediocrity.'"

Listen to the 'Vinyl Skip' remix below and grab the original today on iTunes.