We're big fans of Crushing Blows here at the 405, so we're very excited to inform you of several things today. Firstly, the Derbyshire duo are planning to release their debut album early next year. As if that wasn't exciting enough already, we have some new music from them, and are delighted to premiere 'Unknown Animal', one half of a double A-side single that is due on October 7th via Snug Recording Co. The other half is 'Dream Off / Dream On', which you can listen to over on their Bandcamp page, if you like.

The pair have always been hard to pin down, but 'Unknown Animal' suggests that their album will be a head-spinning collection of songs. Opening with echoing piano and Chris Jones's arresting falsetto, the track winds its way through a couple of verses, its chorus permeated by restless rhythms that hint at an eventual eruption of sound, one which duly occurs around 2 minutes in as the track transforms into an electro-noise-pop stormer in a dazzling change of pace that suggests they could be headed to some rather intriguing places in the future. The New Year can't come soon enough. In the meantime, here's 'Unknown Animal: