Back in 2012, a string of anonymous tracks from the aptly named Unknown began appearing on music sites with all the excitement one would expect from such a shrouded entrance. Since then, the project – which is now known as UNKNWN - has revealed Belfast-based Chris Hanna as its originator, and has also acquired the seemingly unlimited talents of fellow Irish producer/vocalist Gemma Dunleavy.

Taken from their eagerly anticipated double A-sided 'Devil' / 'BBY' release on Champion Sound, 'BBY' is their strongest offering yet. Despite a somewhat sparse opening few minutes – which frame Dunleavy's ever-impressive vocals to perfection – the track soon descends into a fog of smooth guitars and bass-laden goodness, which once again highlights the dexterity that this duo possesses in creating tracks that are wholly unique and undeniably mesmerising.

Listen below.

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