I remember all the songs I used to love and every moment I loved them in, all the headphones I listened with, and every girl that made them mean anything.

This song has everything I thought I had grown out of. It sucks me back down the rabbit hole towards everything I thought I had left behind. Your face through a glass window. Not even metaphorically, now just a memory.

This song is devastating.

I listened to Benji by Sun Kil Moon for the first time earlier today - the whole world is talking about how it’s the most emotionally wrecking album that has ever been made and blah and blah and blah. But it’s such a dense, and at times cringeworthy, stream of consciousness that after about a minute or so it loses any impact it was making. Alongside the fact that I don’t need to hear a forty something guy talking about 'how good it feels to come' the actual music is fairly innocuous. Which obviously doesn’t lend any emotional weight to the things that he is singing about. With a song like this however, every single aspect is thought out, dwelled on, every second is considered, adding to the depth of emotion you feel. It builds to a peak, dynamics are important when drawing you into the subject matter, anything, instead of pedestrian country music and blah and blah and blah. I think you need space to indulge your own thoughts on the matter, music is a conversation and a song is merely the topic for discussion within yourself. The space in a song is the bit that makes me feel something, the bit where I get to reply with things that mean something to me personally.

I don’t know. Maybe listening to Benji just primed me, so that when I heard this, all the emotion flooded out. I don’t know. All I know is this one hit. That it is worth dwelling on. That I'm halfway through listening to the album 'Wendy' right now, which is where this song is taken from and I think you should listen to it too.

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