You can talk about vibes and bullshit all you like. And you do. I just find it hard to empathise with. Hoodied bedroom tough guys, airbrushed ladies gleaming, glossy and unrelated to anything I have ever wished to feel. All beautiful and clean, glistening and smooth.

I can listen to it, I just can't relate to it.

The logic driven phenomenon served it's purpose well. We have enough music to fill every advert/montage sequence on television for the next 40 years, to posture and pose through every wannabe high trend bar queue I'll ever stand in. It makes things look good, it makes them feel good, but it doesn't make them good.

The world is nuanced. It is flawed and filthy. Dirty, raw and unforgiving. And while you can produce all the colour out of your music, you cannot cut it out of your life. It'll beat you down unexpectedly, for no reason, and no slick vocal melody will convince you that it isn't a piece of shit for doing so. You won't need beauty then, or at least you won't need beauty branded clean and emotionally numb. It'll take tracks like Uppercutter by Saintseneca to drag your face away from the dirt, place the soles of your shoes flat to the floor. Into position. Prone, willing and able to start the fight back.

It starts with the ambience of Benoit Pioulard or Rivulets. You can almost hear the porch light flickering. Then they all start singing. A cathartic chorus, to be freely speckled with blood from your throat, as screaming along feels actively encouraged. Communal healing through song. Like the good old days. Before she left. Before they won.

Singing stronger, more impassioned, as the song goes on. You cannot help but get caught up in the build and when it ends you just want to start it all over you do. It's not clean at all, it is raw and meaningful, fraught with emotion. Urgent and sweating and stupid and tainted and losing and fighting and fuck it. I get it. I can relate to it.

It isn't everything, but it is human, and that is enough.

The Columbus based quartet recently signed to Anti Records. Uppercutter is their debut 7" for Anti, coming on October 15th, with their second album Dark Arc set to follow in early 2014. Based on this song, you should keep an eye out.

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