'Heartbeat' is the first song that Vérité and her collaborator Elliot had ever written, and it's our final taste of her debut EP Echo, which is out today. She explained how the song came to be in a press release, saying "'Heartbeat' was the first song Elliot and I wrote", adding "I had this ambient version of the chorus recorded for some time, and when I sent it to him, he completely rearranged the idea. I think this was the first experiment in what's been a long process of me developing my identity as an artist and Elliot and I developing a sound of our own." She's absolutely an artist to keep an eye on as we head into 2015 with her angelic voice and slick production, despite having released her break-out track 'Strange Enough' less than a month ago.

Listen below, and if you're at CMJ this week, you can check out her set times after the track.

  • CMJ 2014 Tour Dates:
  • 0/21- BMI @ The Knitting Factory 11:40pm
  • 10/22 - The Most Definitely/Beautiful Buzzz @ Brooklyn Bowl 9:45pm
  • 10/23 - New Shapes @ Santos Party House 9:00pm
  • 10/25 - PopGun @ Glasslands 8:15pm

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